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Places I’ve Been …

My military career is winding down quickly, quicker than I’d like really. The last fifteen years or so  of my time in the military I’ve traveled the World. I’ve been to some places that I’d like to return to. Then there’s the other places, the places that I have no desire to return to. Most of my posts will be about those places, the ones I have no desire to return to. Some of these places aren’t on a map. They’re locations, thoughts, images and emotions that have been created from memories of spot on a map.

My blog will deal with anxiety, chemical dependency, depression, PTSD and dealing with the Veterans Administration. On the lighter side, I’ll write about C-130 crew dynamics, why St John’s Newfoundland is one of my top five favorite places in the world drunk or sober,  a cooler named Lil-Buddy and what exactly is a Flight Engineer.
I’m also going to blog about writing and how writing and creating art has helped me deal with my issues and at the same share my journey. As an artist I create installations that share the things that I’ve seen and the emotions that I’ve felt. I’ll tell my stories with images and words. Stories that share my journey both internal, personal and the literal journey that I’ve experienced while serving in the military.

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